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Pitched Roofing

Pitched roofs are constructed in various designs and shapes offering aesthetically, versatile and pleasing design, whilst protecting the occupiers and contents from the elements. The roof can be created using traditional clay or concrete tiles in different sizes and colours, natural or man-made slates, metal panels, cedar or bitumen shingles, polycarbonate or glass and can incorporate windows and ventilation. The roof will contain insulation to retain heat within the building, is good at directing water from the surface which can be used for harvesting the water for other uses and can incorporate sustainable technologies such as solar voltaic, solar thermal, or photovoltaic technology. Installed fittings assist ventilation and acoustics. A well designed and constructed pitched roof, provides a long lifespan and are durable and weather resistant. The internal accommodation will be more efficiently insulated and will not suffer from the extremes of temperature that can be associated with other forms of roofing. Pitched roofs offer versatile, aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, long-term accommodation to residents and can be used for a garden roof.

Natural Slate

Slate is a natural material that is durable, 100% recyclable or reusable that is resistant to both fire and the elements and provides long life expectancy of over 100 years when installed correctly using either nails or hook fixings for both commercial and domestic applications, resulting in a cost-effective investment for any property. Available in numerous sizes, thickness and colours the slates can be shaped to create attractive patterns to enhance the visual appearance of a of the roof. Slat can also be used for wall damp proofing, flooring, worktops etc. We offer slates from Wales, Spain, Brazil, North America, China


Light weight synthetic slate roofing tile made from recycled polymers with all the characteristics of natural slate, elegance, splendour you can expect from a traditional slate tile offers an authentic finish with riven edges, numerous colour choices, extensive durability that will not crack, break, or delaminate, providing a long life, is easy to install, less waste ensuring lower costs. Available in a choice for colours and designed with the environment in mind tested to BS476-3 Fire rating and BRE Wind and Rain to EN15601, with a 40-year life expectancy, is 100% recyclable easy to cut with a hand saw and can be installed at 22.5 degrees or 14.5% if close boarded pitch for use on Conservatories, pitched and lean to roofs to ensure an elegant roof.

Fibre Cement Slate

Fibre cement slates are manufactured using top quality fibre cement to reflect the appearance of natural slates in various sizes, colours and finishes and are suitable for both roof and facade cladding. The slates are lightweight, strong and tough enough to withstand the most volatile weather conditions, with low wastage and ease of installation whilst assisting eco-construction and reducing the carbon footprint they are the choice for many types of new build and refurbishment on both domestic and commercial applications.


Relatively lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install, bitumen shingles are the best choice for most houses. They come in sheets that are layered on a roof to give the illusion of more expensive single shingles, such as cedar and slate, that are installed one shingle at a time. They come with three of four different shaped tabs in a choice of colours and finishes with an expected life span of 15 to 20 years. Easy to install with nails and self-adhesive tabs and faced with mineral chippings or Slate or copper finish.

Dry Fixings

Dry fix roofing systems are a range of products designed to protect the roof from weathering with features that allow mechanical fixing, which is a more reliable method compared with the traditional fixing by mortar alone complying with BS 5524 Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling and BS8612 dry fixed system specification. The products are maintenance free and our universal dry fix ridge kits will provide ventilation that will contribute to the requirements of BS 5250:2021 Management of moisture in buildings.

Roof Windows

A range of roof windows and skylights are incorporated into the design of a roof to allow natural light into the building and are suitable for all applications, using quality materials and innovative design features, the products offer competitive options to satisfy the demands of modern construction, discerning homeowners, installers and building owners on projects large and small. Dakea’s roof windows open outwards and allow for both light and ventilation, using both manual and remote controls, whilst skylights are only used to allow light, both units are compatible with all common roofing materials come with a guarantee. All products are manufactured using certified and rigorously selected raw materials to ensure ease of installation, long life and durability and complete weather proofing, to keep the house warm with a minimum of maintenance and by using Comfort glass prevent heat build up thanks to blocking of 95% of UV rays, whilst Noise Blocking technology reduces external noise all at competitive prices and with a 20 year guarantee.

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