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By putting customer’s interests first with good product knowledge, offering sound impartial technical advice on building and environmental issues we can supply a cost-effective range of thermal, acoustic and fire protection insulation products to the construction industry throughout the UK whilst meeting current regulations. Products can be flat or tapered including polyurethane, PIR, EPS, XPS, Rockwool and Knauf mineral wool, Foamglass, Foil from all major manufacturers covering all aspects if insulating all building in walls, lofts, roofs, floors, and civil engineering applications and including a full range of accessories. We undertake design of tapered systems and ‘U’ and non-combustibility calculations to meet current regulations and contract requirements.


Foamglass Cellular Glass insulation has a high compressive strength and non-comubstible for use in flat, inverted and tapered systems, facades and internally and to create passive fire protection.

Expanded Polystyrene

EPS is widely used insulation in flat and pitched roofs, in flat board and tapered systems both internally and externally. It is flexible with a good thermal performance and can be cut into many shapes, sizes and falls.

Extruded Polystyrene

Extruded Polystyrene Insulation is a closed cell that prevents water penetrating the board to provide long term strength and durability. This structure creates exceptional compressive strength, moisture resistance. It is lightweight, easy to cut, recyclable and suitible for flat, tapered and pitched roofs and under floors.

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is a non-combustible material available in rolls, slabs or for use on flat, vertical, rainscreens and cladding, and vertical applications. The product is durable, easy to install and suitable for roof, flooring, ceiling and internal wall insulation.

Cement Particle Board

A cement bonded particle board which carries a Class 1 (A) fire/flame spread rating. It is an excellent thermal insulator and a density of 1100-1300kg per sq mts intended for internal situations. Available in various thickness and suitable for all modern constructions applications.

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Meir Roofing and Insulation Supplies are pleased to offer, as part of the service to our customers, highly trained, motivated and experienced staff who provide comprehensive information, cost effective systems and suggestions on the latest regulations and the very best in technical advice, product identification, specification and site surveys, along with maintaining prompt service whilst ensuring value for money for the customers. Feel free to contact us at any time to talk prices and trade discounts. In Goole, we also offer an over-the-counter service that is available to both trade and retail customers All products can carry insurance warranties for periods up to 25 years that include labour and materials for approved contractors and considering environmental, fire protection and carbon footprint issues. Green roofs are available for all types of roof structures and utilising different waterproofing systems along with living walls. Please contact us at any time for free advice on 01405 780444 or 07710 338736, email sales@meir-roofing.co.uk www.meir-roofing.co.uk

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