Website Update

We have been slowly updating the website over the last couple of months and will be continuing to do so, however we thought we’d take this opportunity to bring some products we now cover on our website to light. Also to mention how we are adding leaflets to older pages to give more information to you; they are all also being added to the downloads section of our website for easy access if you are after multiple.


Under our liquid rubber section

We have been adding these pages in new. They also include videos for more information for you.

Vetrofluid is a concrete waterproofing system:

BrickCover is a waterproofing system for bricks and masonry:

Liquid rubber premium is designed for hand application where a spray system may not necessarily be practical:


Under Liquid Waterproofing

We have covered practically all section under waterproofing, adding leaflets to each page.


Under Bitumen Roofing

We have also been through and got leaflets added to most of the bituminous products giving you more information available.

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