Meir Roofing Sponsors the Goole AFC game with Hallam

We sponsored the Goole AFC game with Hallam FC who it turns out that Hallam are the second oldest football club in the world after Sheffield FC, in addition Hallam have the oldest football ground in the world. 

Sadly, the game was a disappointment with Goole losing by 3 goals to nil after an excellent performance mid-week away win.  The result was the 13th time that Goole have failed to score of which 10 of those occasion have been at home. 

It wasn’t that the Goole played badly, which they didn’t for large parts of the game, but once again they were beaten by a team that was much more aggressive and physical. Hallam were quicker to the ball, and much more direct. Man of the match was goalkeeper Lloyd Allinson.  


Let us hope for better things in the future.


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