Liquid Coatings Demonstration

We recently held a demonstration of EP liquid coatings for a number of roofing and maintenance contractors.  With a good turnout, EP staff Steve, Patrick and Abi went on to present a very informative demonstration of the various waterproofing and decorative coatings.   The products demonstrated included roofing systems, gutter, asbestos and metal encapsulation, balcony, single ply and roof and metal cut end coatings.   All the attendees were impressed with the ease of application, versatility and cost effectiveness of the various coatings, that all carried extended warranties.   There were numerous questions, answers, food and drink, a few giggles too.  Everyone had a very successful afternoon.

We will be holding further demonstrations on variousEP 9 products over the coming months so if you are interested in attending please email Jo at

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