Help, my flat roof is leaking!

Dear B & B,

 I have a shed with a leaking flat roof and want to repair it until the better weather arrives and I can have it re-felted. What would you suggest?




 Dear Alan,

 Thanks for your letter. The solution is a quick and easy to use product called Europol. This product is a liquid coating that is moisture tolerant, cold applied and reinforced with glass fibres to bridge cracks up to 10mm. Just ensure that your roof is debris free with no standing water then apply with a brush or roller, there is no need to prime the roof or apply further solar reflective treatments. Europol is available in 5kg and 20kg drums in grey, white and black and the coverage rate is 1kg per m2.

 Don’t forget, when you’re ready to have your roof re-felted give us a call and we can give you advice and supply your felt and all related products needed.

 B & B   Meir-Baxter2IMG_20131011_094928



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