Green Roofs

A ‘green’ or ‘living’ roof is essentially the growing of plants on our rooftops cooling and retaining heat in buildings according to different climates. Intensive, Extensive and Bio- diverse or brown roof create natural growing conditions across the roof from a thin growing layer of sedums and mosses to plants, trees, shrubs, water features and even golf courses. The vegetation has numerous advantages such insulation, habitat for wild life, rainwater control, noise control and many more.

Meir Roofing supply a wide variety of roofing products, from Green and flat roofing supplies to insulation and Architectural ridge tiles, we also stock an extensive range of paving tiles and slabs, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for don’t hesitate to call us today and we will be able to help.

BROWN Roofing

Because brown roofs usually utilise local soil and spoil to provide the substrate for the roof, the roof will often initially be brown in colour. However, over time plant species will grow over this substrate and the end result will be a green-coloured roof – albeit one that nature has had a large hand in “designing.”


Similar to brown roofs, bio-diverse roofs encourage the growth of local plants and provide a perfect habitat for insects, birds and other local wildlife. This can provide necessary shelter for endangered species that would otherwise be displaced by building works.

GREEN Roofing

Extensive green roofs offer an attractive looking roof finish, but without the need for irrigation or maintenance. We offer a range of planting options to compliment the building and its surroundings.


Unlike the jump4love, this option will provide an immediate, beautiful roof garden but this comes at a maintenance cost plus the possible need for water irrigation to keep the roof looking as vibrant as when it is first installed.

Green Roofing, do you have a garden and just want an extra quiet secluded area to look over the scenic landscape around you.

Or maybe you crave the much missed green landscape after moving in to the city, watch the videos below we hope you find the solution.


Can I install a green roof on any type of waterproof system?

When you choose a GrufeKit green roof kit you can lay it on any waterproof membrane.

Many of our GrufeKit’s have been installed on the following popular waterproofing systems:

  • Single Ply
  • GRP Fibreglass
  • EPDM Rubber
  • Felt
  • Concrete

Whatever waterproof system you use you can use GrufeKit to easily install a beautiful green roof on top.


Do you have to mow a green roof?

It depends on the plants used on the roof.  We recommend using low maintenance plants unless you intend to spend lots of time on the roof.  Our most popular GrufeTile is Sedum which are a ground covering alpine plant that grows 20 to 30 mm high and therefore does not require cutting.  We have seen clients install a grass roof with a robotic mower so we’ve shown a picture for your interest!


Can I cut my Grufetile to fit my roof?

In short:  Yes.  The modules can be cut down with a hand saw or grinder; the cut edge then
needs to be faced into the rest of the green roof so that it’s supported by the next module.

Can I cut a GrufeTile to fit my roof?