CDM Regulations 2015

With effect from April 2015 Health and safety CDM regulations became applicable to include domestic works.   There has been the creation of the position of Principal contractor who is required to produce a Construction Phase Plan which sets out the arrangements for the safe completion of the works.  The Construction Phase Plan should be proportional to the size of the contract.  The duties and responsibilities have been by default passed from the client onto the Principal contractor who as has a responsibility to ensure all personnel are properly trained to  carry out the works, whether they be employed, self-employed or a business. Coordinate where there are more than one contractor working on the project to ensure compliance with the plan. Supervise the works to ensure the works are carried out without risk of accidents notify the HSE of the works where the contract is above a certain size or length of time for more information please contact our office on 01405 708444 or MNA on 01405 752440

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