Project Description

HERTALAN® supplies EPDM roofing systems which can provide every flat roof with the best covering. Hertalan easy weld is an unique roof  system developed especially for mechanically fixed roofing methods. The seam is sealed with hot air. The rolls have a width of 1.40 metre  and  20 metres of length. This means that with one seam in this system a flat roof of approx. 50-56 m² is covered.

During the production process we apply a UV-resistant green EPDM rolls. These welding strips are heated up with hot air during the installation process so that a waterproof connection is created, for a seamless flat roofing. 


Hertalan easy weld MF is specially designed for mechanically fixed roofing systems, where the fixing is made in a specially created overlap area. This makes steel roofs easily accessible to a homogeneous EPDM roofing systems. On the upper side of the underlying roll and on the underside of the overlapping roll a green EW welding strip is attached. During the installation these EW strips are connected with hot air to create a green-on-green waterproof seam.

Unique Properties

Hertalan easy weld is a product with unique properties, has an exceptionally long life expectancy, is fire retardant, requires minimal maintenance and is both root- and UV/OZONE-resistant. The environmental impact is negligible and the return on investment significant.

Quality Aspects

  • Long service life: Over 50 years for the system (SKZ study 2001)
  • Suitable for any traditional flat roofing system
  • Suitable for green roofing systems (FLL approved)
  • Significant return on investment
  • Bitumen and roof penetration resistant
  • UV resistant hot air weldable EW strip
  • Safe application wihtout nake flame
  • AA fire rated system
  • Environmentally freidnly
  • Ecologically responsible
  • DUB Okeur
  • Lightweight: approximately 1,23kg/m2/mm
  • 28 m2 on one roll
  • Permanent Elasticity
  • Minimal maintenance
  • BBA certified

 Product Range

Hertalan easy weld is an EPDM roofing system which is suitable for all types of roofs: loose laid with ballast, fully or partially adhered and mechanically fixed.

easy_weld_rollen_vrijstaandHertalan easy weld standard roll MF 
Standard roll MF for mechanical fixing, with TPE weldable edge top, edge one side bottom edge other side.
/ Especially for mechanically fixed systems.
/ Roll length 20 mtr. and widths of 700 and 1400 mm.
/ Available in thicknesses from 1.30 and 1.50 mm.

Hertalan easy weld standard roll
Standard roll , with TPE weldable edge top edge one side bottom edge other side.
/ Roll length 20 mtr. and width of 1400 mm.
/ Available in thicknesses from 1.30 and 1.50 mm.



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