Project Description

Hertalan easy cover is an EPDM membrane roofing system which can provide every flat roof with the best EPDM waterproof sheeting. Our special hot bonding technique is used to connect EPDM sheets together at our factory, this way HERTALAN® produces a EPDM flat roofing system that can virtually seal an entire roof at once, using large sheets.

There are big advantages to working with an EPDM membranes. The number of seams and accordingly risks are kept to an absolute minimum. Far fewer actions on the roof are required, which makes each roof structure waterproof more quickly and effectively either as a partially/fully adhered, mechanically fixed or ballasted system process.

Hertalan easy cover EPDM membranes have excellent properties and are suitable for exposure to UV and ozone radiation without ageing and therefore can be used as adhered and mechanically fixed systems without the requirement for additional surface protection.

Unique Properties

Hertalan easy cover is a product with unique properties, it has an exceptionally long life expectancy, requires minimal maintenance and is both root and UV/OZONE-resistant. The environmental impact is negligible and the return on investment significant for EPDM flat roofing.

Quality Aspects

  • Long service life: Over 50 years for the system (SKZ study 2001)
  • Suitable for any traditional flat roofing system
  • Suitable for green roofing systems (FLL approved)
  • Significant return on investment
  • Bitumen and roof penetration resistant
  • UV resistant hot air weldable EW strip
  • Safe application wihtout nake flame
  • AA fire rated system
  • Environmentally freidnly
  • Ecologically responsible
  • DUB Okeur
  • Lightweight: approximately 1,23kg/m2/mm
  • Quick application using prefabricated membranes
  • Permanent Elasticity
  • Minimal maintenance
  • BBA certified

Product Range

Hertalan easy cover membrane rolls

Pre-fabricated EPDM rubber standard membrane with a thickness of 1.2 and 1.5mm. Available in widths of 2.80-3.50-4.20-5.60-7.00-8.40-9.80-11.20 mtr.


Hertalan easy cover pre-fabricated membrane 

Made to measure membrane with a maximum width 20 metre. Available in thickness from 1.20-1.50-2.00 mm (1.23 kg/m²mm).


Hertalan easy cover pre-fabricated membrane MF

Made to measure mechanical fix membrane type MF and MF2 (flaps in two directions) with a maximum width of 20 metre.
Available in thicknesses from 1.20 and 1.50 mm.

It is possible to have a 40mm EW edge strip attached to one dimension of the membrane (POA).


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