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TLX: Building for sub-zero temperatures?

Winter is here, and we thought we’d take a light-hearted look at how TLX Gold and Silver compare with the insulation material used where it’s really cold – SNOW! And what building is better tried and tested in cold climates than the igloo?


So how does an Igloo measure up to current building principles?

  • Draught proofing. The entrance and lower half of the structure is below ground level, with guard walls providing shielding from the icy gales
  • No gaps. The snow blocks are friction fitted with a saw – literally, with an ice layer bonding the blocks together without any gaps. (Beats PIR board!)  TLX Silver and TLX Gold create continuous insulation layers without gaps
  • Insulate. Wind-driven snow containing 90% air is chosen for the blocks, with a thermal conductivity λ= 0.20 W/mK. TLX Silver and TLX Gold have low core conductivity values (λ <0.035 W/mK) because the polyester wadding is mostly air inside
  • Eliminate condensation. At subzero temperatures vapour turns straight into ice so this isn’t a problem. No risk of this with TLX Silver and Gold tested solutions either!


If the ice walls are lined with skins then less heat is absorbed by the walls – which makes life inside a few degrees warmer.
If only they’d had TLX Gold!

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Midland Lead still covered by NHBC

Recently there has been some confusion within the industry of whether or not Midland Lead Ltd’s DM cast lead is still compliant to the NHBC acceptance of appropriate materials due to the latest NHBC Standards 2016.

They have issued a letter stating that even though they have updated their standards, it’s acceptance of appropriate materials has not significantly changed. Clause 7.2.20 table 14 identifies a range of common materials, and references applicable standards for weathering products. Where no definitive standard exists or is referenced, NHBC requires alternative products to meet NHBC technical requirements R3 (materials standard) when performing a critical function to have a valid third party technical accreditation from an appropriate approvals body.

And due to this, they have confirmed they are satisfied with Midland Lead Ltd, having previously witnessed their production process, combined with a current, valid BBA certificate, that their cast lead will be acceptable to NHBC when installed within the scope of the BBA certificate and to normal codes of practice.


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TLX Gold Insulation – Upgrading of Social Housing

The London Borough of Southwark lies just south of the Thames and is home to such noted buildings as the Shard and the Globe Theatre, plus offices housing the headquarters of international corporations. In contrast to this, however, the borough also has the highest proportion of social housing in the country.


The local council’s refurbishment initiative has the vision statement of ‘making every Southwark home Warm Dry and Safe’. This includes upgrading the roof insulation, as insulation improvement is a significant factor in reducing fuel poverty.

Some of the flats scheduled for upgrading were built before WW2, and were constructed with boarded roofs –  so the flats on the upper deck are very cold. Clearly insulation cannot be fitted from the inside, by moving the tenants out in order to remove the ceilings – so a quick win is to use TLX Gold as a single layer over the boarding. It was stretched taut over a counterbatten then secured with second one before replacing the tiles and tile battens.

Result: an insulated roof with a respectable U value of 0.67 W/m2K, without any risk of condensation. With the integral tape and an additional membrane lap, plus welded seams, fitting is easy – no struggling with bulky overlaps of double thickness product.



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Liquid Roofing Product Leaflet updated

As part of our on going website improvements we are bringing you as up to date information as we can. This includes adding updated leaflets when they are available like the one below. This one is for Euroshield P5 & P10, a liquid based waterproofing system for Asphalt, Felt, Concrete and Timber roofing.


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Website Update

We have been slowly updating the website over the last couple of months and will be continuing to do so, however we thought we’d take this opportunity to bring some products we now cover on our website to light. Also to mention how we are adding leaflets to older pages to give more information to you; they are all also being added to the downloads section of our website for easy access if you are after multiple.


Under our liquid rubber section

We have been adding these pages in new. They also include videos for more information for you.

Vetrofluid is a concrete waterproofing system:

BrickCover is a waterproofing system for bricks and masonry:

Liquid rubber premium is designed for hand application where a spray system may not necessarily be practical:


Under Liquid Waterproofing

We have covered practically all section under waterproofing, adding leaflets to each page.


Under Bitumen Roofing

We have also been through and got leaflets added to most of the bituminous products giving you more information available.

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Church Conversion

There are many 19th century rural churches dotted around East Yorkshire, and those that have fallen into disuse need to find another role as residential dwellings.

One recently undertaken project is a former Methodist church built in 1898. The bell tower that looks a bit foreign is a puzzle, until you realise the original slate spire is no longer there. Having begun to lean over the road adjacent and subsequently dismantled, there are no plans to rebuild it. Not being grand enough to be Listed, however, there was a requirement to achieve a U-value that would conform to Building Regulations U-value requirement of 0.18 W/m2K.



Projecting as it does into the North Sea, low-lying Holderness sees ‘a lot of weather’: droughts in summer and flooding in winter – and fierce North Sea gales. The roofing underlay chosen has to be robust enough to cope, the high-tensile UV25 membrane that forms the upper surface of TLX Gold makes it suitable for any Wind Zone. Add to that its breathability and intelligent humidity response, TLX Gold makes the ideal choice for a variable climate.

TLX Gold was used taut and counter battened over the 110mm deep rafters. This rafter depth allowed 75mm PIR board to be fitted between the rafters, leaving a 15mm unventilated air gap between it and the shiny Gold under surface to reflect radiated heat back into the building. The addition of 35mm of PIR underneath brought the U-value to the required 0.18 W/m2K.


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New CDM Regulations

As of the 6th of April 2015, there are a new set of regulations replacing the previous iteration from 2007. Here is a video that has been released explaining what it is that is changing.

There is also an infographic here.
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McDonalds at Clifton

As part of our on going supply of roofing materials including tissue faced PIR insulation, flat roofing membrane and douglas fir timber to DSM Ltd for building new McDonalds. The recent restaurant installed at Clifton, Nottingham have had a video done showing how they do it.

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